"Ours is a battle for freedom, ours is a battle not just for economical gains and political power, ours is a battle for reclamation of human personality”
— Babasaheb Ambedkar


ADRF: Important Milestones (2004-14)

  • 2004: First interaction of ADRF partners at the World Social Forum-2004, Mumbai, India
  • 2006: Events organized for Dalit Rights activists from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka at the India Social Forum-2006, New Delhi, India
  • 2007: Meeting at Karachi Social Forum, Pakistan
  • 2007: Geneva: Participation, interventions and recommendations put forward in Durban Review Conference (DRC) at Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 2011: ADRF organizes UN Decade of Dalit Rights (DDR) at Geneva to do a stock-taking of the past decade and to make fresh goal setting for the future.
  • 2013: At the completion of the Study benchmarking the draft UN Principles and Guidelines for the Effective Elimination of Discrimination based on Work and Descent, ADRF partners organize Conference at Kathmandu, Nepal – this study done separately in 2012-13 by ADRF partners in Bangladesh, India and Nepal, but with collective orientation and effort.
  • 2013: ADRF partners take the initiative to bring together Parliamentarians from across the region for a meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal, leading to the launch of the South Asian Parliamentarians Forum.
  • 2014: ADRF constitutes itself formally as Asia Dalit Rights Forum at a consultation at Kathmandu, Nepal.