"Ours is a battle for freedom, ours is a battle not just for economical gains and political power, ours is a battle for reclamation of human personality”
— Babasaheb Ambedkar

Global Parliamentarians Conference on Discrimination based on Work and Descent

APFDC and ADRF plans to have a two-day Conference which will bring together  Parliamentarians, Human Rights Experts and Dalit Leaders and those in solidarity from across the globe including Germany, Austria, UK, European Union, Japan and other countries. This Conference will focus on bringing together all the DWD and excluded communities in order to collectively voice out the need to address their recognition and share in the developmental programmes as well as socio-economic, political and legal inclusion for welfare and livelihood.

In specific terms, the Conference will focus on the Dalit Women’s concerns in the areas of Affirmative Action, Access to Justice of Dalits, Right to Development, Gender Justice, Youth and Child Rights, Disaster Risk Reduction and Political Participation of Dalits. This will be done in the overall background of ensuring a non-discriminatory Sustainable Development Goals.