"Ours is a battle for freedom, ours is a battle not just for economical gains and political power, ours is a battle for reclamation of human personality”
— Babasaheb Ambedkar

Asia Parliamentarians Forum on Dalit Concerns (APFDC)

Asia Parliamentarians Forum on Dalit Concerns (APFDC) is a forum of Parliamentarians from South Asia, who came together with aim to address the issue of discrimination and exclusion faced by the Dalit and excluded communities.
The Forum works towards addressing issues of discrimination and exclusion
through policy intervention, negotiations and political and social action. Further
it looks at enhancing opportunities for Dalit in the region for their right to legal
and social entitlements and decent way of living.
APFDC affirms its solidarity with Dalit community world over, especially in
the South Asia region. It recognises the historical wrong and discrimination
faced by the community at the hands of the upper castes and at times due to
state negligence. It further recognises the contribution of the community in
freedom struggle against the colonial rule and the Brahamanical rule, its role in
nation building and cultural development. APFDC commits itself to furthering rights
of the community.